Toke CigTM

Toke CigTM

Published by Yainery Bolanos on Jul 7th 2021

Toke CigTM are disposable vapes products designed for single use. Each vape pen is pre-filled with our premium e-juice and does not need charging. Most of them have auto-draw technology, which eliminates the need to click on a button to start vaping, simply inhale to start vaping. Primarily sold in convenience stores and gas stations, they are easy to acquire.

Disposable vape devices are an excellent way for people to try vaping. Since they are more affordable than buying a tool or a starter kit, they don’t require a large investment, and moreover they are disposable. Consumers can toss them out as soon as they run out of product. They also come in various flavors, so they are an excellent way for vapers to try new e-liquids.

Product Features

  • High Profit Items
  • Competitive Wholesale Pricing
  • Premium Quality Ingredients
  • Safe and Compliant Products